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Hi, my name is Dan.

I was 13 when I ran away from home. Below is a “WANTED” photo of me taken in the late 1950s.

Was I a bad boy? No, I was simply not happy at home and hunted by the Gorilla and Monkey thoughts inside my brains. They were my Tyrants and Inner Psychological Bullies.

At 18, l left Singapore and sailed across the Indian ocean. I was happy when I arrived in Italy as I got seasick during most of the boat trip.

London was the final destination where I would find joy, happiness, and wealth. A brand new life would begin, or so I thought. It was far from my imagination of the paradise I dreamed of experiencing.

I immediately found myself in a gray concrete jungle with no means of defense and left to the mercy of my own destructive thoughts, like You want-You can’t / What’s going to happen? / You’re going to lose / You’re not good enough, etc.

Subconscious thoughts you may all be too familiar with, which cause us to lose confidence, be discouraged or depressed when alone with no one to uplift you when you are down.

One great lesson from this situation though: I figured my own unhappiness or unfulfilled desires were NOT caused by people around me. And it took some deep thinking to realize that I also had no tools or guidance to live my young adult life.

Life was pure hell until I decided to look into how my brain functions. And how to stop the pain I was subconsciously inflicting on myself.

3 years of intensive research in 4 major European countries gave birth to a 40-page synopsis titled “Road to Peace & Happiness”, published in 1980.

Shortly after, I became a corporate trainer. And later shared my advanced management tools with CEOs of major corporations including Lee Iacocca, Jack Welch… and Barbara Bush in 1991. At the time I believed the First Lady was the second most powerful person in the world. Why? Because she could whisper anything she wants in the President’s left or right ear while he was awake or about to sleep!


What These Unique Tools Can Do For You

Years have gone by and some situations in this world have remained unchanged, causing division, confusion, despair, and loss of values.

It is during this current period that I hope to help trigger one billion happy faces. And share my tools with those looking for a brighter future.

I feel we have the possibility to provide massive relief to men and women undergoing those same psychological attacks I once suffered as a boy and especially when arriving in Europe.

My recent strategic post seems to attract those seeking peace or soothing music, raindrops, and beautiful waterfalls, unaware that they would also discover unique conceptual tools to help them attain balance and their life objectives with no stress.

I promoted this Facebook post and received thousands of likes, comments, and over 900 shares. Many have contacted me and were happy I shared those tools with them. The video: https://youtu.be/d_UXzdSXh_U

However, according to the World Health Organization, there were over 300,000,000 depressed people in the world. It has now increased with the current crisis.


The Goal of My High-Impact Sites

Feel good today, tomorrow, and forever… with unique powerful tools freely available to you on: myfeelgoodnow.com / weeweenoo.com / maximizeyourpotential.info.

You may also want to join me in helping trigger one billion happy faces by spreading the word that we can all be supported in our pursuit of peace and happiness – and towards a brighter future.

Eventually, we may be able to program these little robots to help share the unique tools in schools and corporations


Why not? They’re cute! They can be very effective in teaching our children and corporate managers how to be more confident and happy in life. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this finding:

After a decade of research, it has shown that “happiness raises nearly every business and educational outcome: raising sales by 37%, productivity by 31% and accuracy on tasks by 19%, as well as a myriad of health and quality of life improvements.”  – Harvard Business Review


Dan Low
Founder of World Education

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