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Each time you are exposed to Feel Good News, you will feel happy. We have good news or information at MyFeelGoodNow.Com that can make you feel important every day :). 7 days a week!

But firstly, we must understand why we are not feeling good at times. The reason we may be feeling bad is simply a clash of data. Our thoughts are data. Whatever we are thinking can fall into two categories of negative or positive data.

If we desire something and we are not getting it, the subconscious computer in our brains would input the data You Want/You can’t – resulting in us feeling negative, disappointed, or unhappy.

We may ask ourselves, how can I feel happy again? What are the best ways to trigger happiness?

You can feel good instantly – with a snap of the fingers!

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Firstly, understand that currently, you could be sitting on a mountain of unfulfilled desires. That is why you may not be feeling that good or happy because you are not getting what you want.

You could simply be suffering from psychological obesity, overfeeding yourself with desires! I was one of these people: getting so fat in my head that I could no longer move.

I’m going to put you on a diet! Ha, ha! And you’re going to love it :).

Prepare to take a DDD pill the first thing you wake up in the morning! Take it three times a day for the next three weeks. With this, you will be one of the leanest, most happy, appreciative, and enthusiastic people on planet Earth. How would you like to be this person?

What the hell is DDD?

It is a psychological pill. DDD stands for Desireless Diet Day. Did you hear about the sugarless diet? Well, this is a desireless diet. And here is how it works.

When you wake up, put an imaginary pill into your mouth or brain to start your DDD – by not desiring or wanting things you cannot have immediately.

For example, do not desire or hope that your meeting with your colleagues will go on well. Or that your friends and family members would support you when you see them. Or wish someone you like would call you today. Just be here and now and do whatever is immediately available to you.

Do you feel like peeing or a coffee? Make yourself a coffee, or take a pee and relieve yourself. Do you feel like sending an SMS? Send it! Just do not desire or hope that the person will answer you. Just appreciate the fact that you have a smartphone and can send a message.

Want to take a shower? If no one else is in the shower, do it! If your dog, cat, mother-in-law is occupying the place, do something else. In other words, appreciate all the things you have and can do right now – and do them.

You want problems. Look for them. Do not just wish or desire to have something to solve. Get out and look for problems. Call your friends and ask if they have any to share.

You would be surprised that you accomplished so much and were productive and fulfilled. And you did not suffer any frustration, disappointment, or negative feelings because you were on a You want/You can mode.

If you wished or hoped for a response from the person you sent the SMS to in the morning, you would be feeling impatient, anxious, or mad if you did not receive a fast response.

Why are some people unhappy?

These people do not feel good and go through life unhappy because they have unfulfilled desires. You will be unique if you are not one of the people who wakes up having such worries – because you are on DDD.

If you desire to have a sunny day, but it rains, you will feel unhappy. With the DDD pill, you flow with reality. Your mind is available on the things you can do here and now. And you get to do them!

I hope this helps. I will be taking my own DDD now, not caring if anyone reads this post ;). I can also trigger weeweenoo with a snap of my fingers and feel important. You can do it too, no matter who you are or what you do for a living. And you do not need to be somebody else because you are a unique person.

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