This world consists of millions upon millions of couples, partners, or business associates.

Imagine you belong to one of these couples. You and your spouse get into a car with four wheels. Whoever is the driver has to make sure that the two front and back wheels are well pressurized. That your gasoline tank is full. That you have sufficient oil, water, and battery – before setting out on your journey.

Metaphorically speaking, front wheels represent the driver (you). And the two back wheels represent your co-driver or partner.

What if you noticed that one of the back wheels of the car had a punctured tire? Doesn’t that make your journey more dangerous due to its instability? You are driving on three wheels instead of four!

What if you had a gasoline leak? Would you be able to reach your destination?

Using metaphors, let us again imagine that the oil, gasoline, and water needed for the car represent the traffic cops, gas stations, stopover restaurants that support our trip. They all play a part in helping us get from A to B.

Without traffic cops, roads and highways would be chaotic and dangerous to drive on. These traffic cops assist in maintaining law and order and helping us get to our desired destinations.

So we have to be appreciative and smile at people who contribute their time and energy to make our trip possible.

Besides the two back wheels to support the two front wheels, and all your other partners, the gas, oil, and water supply, there would be no driving experience!

Therefore, we want to appreciate and pay forward with a big sincere smile to all who contributed to making our trips a success!

We will be making many trips in our journey through life. Hence, we need to care for those who cared for us here on Earth.

If only 10% of us understood this and applied this simple concept of caring for others as they have cared for us, it could easily trigger one billion happy faces worldwide.



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