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The instructions on this post came from over 40 years of observation and research work in 4 major countries. They will help you to change your state of mind to feel good now when put into practice. They are simple but powerful exercises. You can practice any time of the day to feel good today, tomorrow, and forever!

Clear the Cache in Your Mind

Currently, your mind is full of thoughts or data. Data culled from your personal and professional experiences in life. They are information stored in your brain since childhood. So like computers, it needs to empty the cache.

How do you do that?

Firstly, understand that you are in a Subconscious state most of the time. There are three states, the SupraConscious, the Conscious, and the Subconscious. You will understand this better by watching this short 7-minute MP4 video:

After watching the video, immediately focus your attention on the objects around you in your room. See them as if for the very first time in your life. Objective: to empty your mind and clear the cache (memories and past experiences you have had). Stay in this state as long as you can – 3 to 5 minutes is enough to make you feel as if you were born again – like resetting or restarting your computer.

Check for Contaminated Data

What is contaminated data? It is like a virus-infected program or software that affects your mind. Imagine yourself at a Chinese or Italian restaurant. You ate something that made you sick. The next time someone invites you to eat at the same place could trigger apprehension or aversion. You would shy away, even though your friends highly enjoyed the superfood served. And the decor!

In the beginning, I used to avoid passing by a cheese shop because it smelled so strongly I could not understand how someone could eat cheese. One day I accompanied a friend to a cheese party where they celebrated a birthday with a surprise cheese fondue. Since that experience, I am all in for anything cheesy! I eat cheese every other day now. How crazy this is!

Had I not been open to cheese fondue, I would still have contaminated data buried deep inside my mind. Hence, we need to be open-minded to discover or experience new things, relationships, and opportunities.

If you invested in two failed projects, it does not mean the third project would suffer the same fate. Here is an example of a man who lost his money in several unsuccessful business ventures. Now he refuses even to look at a seemingly sound business proposal from his younger brother. Well, his brother offered it to a stranger who accepted the proposal – and two years later made a fortune! Who is to blame for the loss of a great opportunity? Contaminated data in his mind.

Key lesson: check for any hidden bias or prejudice you may have and be open. Cultivate critical thinking if you want to change your state of mind – to feel good now.

Stop Information Overload

We cannot make sound decisions if we suffer from information overload. We get bombarded all day long. Even when you are alone, on your toilet seat, minding your own private business.

I recently saw a digital ad in front of me. The best way to catch my attention, and the advertiser was right! There was no way to run or hide. I was an ideal prisoner till I closed my eyes and started meditating on my bowels and hearing my sighs of relief. Peace at last!

Information overload can be deadly. It leaves you with no room to breathe. Hence, the importance of time management.

Install a 30/70 ratio on your daily work schedule. Focus 30% only – on things imperative, like life and death matters. That leaves you with 70% for the less urgent chores. If you cannot attend to these less pressing chores, you would still be alive to accomplish them the next day.

So, do not worry. It would diminish the stress and anxiety in your mind as you have less information to work for you.

The perception is to work only 30% out of the 7 or 10 hours you allow yourself each day. It gives less pressure for the remaining 70% and more focus and productivity on the 30%. This concept is Sting the Bull with 3 Bees – the Bull representing pressure. And it is about getting your priorities right. Does it require one, two, or three Bees to knock out the pressure? Is your mind dealing with all kinds of information and negatively affecting your work?

You may spend the other 70% in a more relaxed manner enjoying the flow of the day.

Create and Activate Your New Sets of Data

Changing your state of mind to feel good requires that you create new illusions. Every thought is an illusion. If you think you cannot do something, or you can – it is an illusion! In reality, you have yet to do it. These beliefs are just passive illusions in your mind!

Henry Ford once said: Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.

Put your active illusion or belief into action. And even if you failed, there would still be another illusion – because there may be something you forgot to incorporate. So you would need to try this new illusion all over again.

Apple brings out new smartphones regularly. They and their customers believe each time, that’s it – it’s perfect now! The following year they bring out another one! This process repeats itself.

If you think you can’t do something, or you can – it is an illusion! Whatever your illusion, you can create and activate new sets of data and discover if they work better. That is progress in action. That is also how you renew yourself and discover fresh and broader perspectives all year round.


We need to flow with the current of life. Like water, we adapt to the constant change of directions. Over waterfalls, crashing into pools or winding down streams, or resting on serene lakes before joining the mighty ocean where it belongs. That is how to change your state of mind – to feel good now.

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