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There are many ways or strategies to feel confident. This post shows how one could feel confident around people. It shows how I would behave with people from all walks of life, regardless of their social status. Whether they be rich or poor, educated or not, they all have invaluable lessons to teach me.

Even ferocious animals like dragons have things to teach us about fear.

Your attitude towards people

Treating people as being important is vital since each individual is an important person, whoever you meet. However, believing is one thing, action is another.

Waiters in restaurants, taxi drivers, ambulance drivers, fire-fighters, shop keepers, doctors, musicians, plumbers, everyone or anyone could be helpful to you when you need them. However, society considers those who live in an expensive neighborhood, have a high position, drive a fancy car, or possess more money than others as being important.

Some millionaires and billionaires still feel less important because of the outdated numbers game they have been playing. Example of a business meeting where a millionaire feels intimidated and less confident than his wealthier counterpart. It left the millionaire feeling more insecure during the negotiation.

Know the people you are talking to

To feel confident know the people around you and observe their behaviors. The person you are talking to could be a OneBagMan, a MultiBagMan, or a NoBagMan.

Do not spend too much time trying to argue or to convince a OneBagMan. A OneBagMan is full of principles, possesses a narrow vision in life. He sees only black or white and is blind to other colors. Highly intolerant and least open to new ideas. Yet should be treated like a VIP.

A MultiBagMan carries many bags of information, loves to talk, is knowledgeable about many topics but is less likely to be able to listen, and could drown you with data. A MultiBagMan (or Woman) feels insecure and needs attention to prove to others that he knows things. Very entertaining but could be tiresome if you are not in the mood to listen.

NoBagMan is open, attentive, a critical thinker, highly objective in expressing his viewpoints, and lives in the here and now in an empty-mind state. A NoBagMan is open, attentive, a critical thinker, highly objective in expressing his viewpoints, and lives in the here and now in an empty-mind state. Of course, this person can at times become a Multi or OneBagMan.

Think of what you can bring to people. Be interested. Give information that can be useful. Ask for an opinion. Don’t hesitate to shift the subject of the conversation to something that interests you. Don’t hesitate to voice your points of view.

You are open and curious. Attentive and wanting to learn. A person who monopolizes a conversation is doing 90/10 – giving away information and not collecting information. And what is information? Information is power, money. Information is opportunities!

So, if you practice 90/10, you lose power, you lose money, and you lose opportunities – since you spend only 10% of your time collecting information.

And 10/90? We are in the 10/90 mode when we remain passive during an exchange in conversation. We don’t ask questions – because we’re too polite.

Most people practice 90/10 or 10/90 – instead of 50/50. 50/50 is simply an effective bilateral communication system. Give and take, being open and curious. Attentive and wanting to learn.

You are confident around these people because you know how they operate or communicate with others.

Some people may feel intimidated when we are confident around them. And crawl in their shells. Others may feel inspired, become enthusiastic, and want to rock and roll with you! Either way, you will need to vary your output and adapt to the different levels.

One can be confident and feel humble. Our knowledge is only a tiny drop in that vast ocean of data. The more I’m humbled by this fact, the more open and curious I become. And that helps me go forward in my learning process.

Sharing and caring for others builds confidence

Have something to share and care for those around you. Dogs wag their tails in joy when they see their owners because they have been taking care of them. All animals, including birds, take care of their communities and share their activities. Have you not seen birds in a massive flying formation in the sky? What a spectacle! Watch out for them when you next visit the countryside.

Do share your experiences with others and get their feedback on your projects. Do not be fearful of what others think of you. It could reduce your confidence. Animals do not have such issues. Only humans.

Care for those who are unsure or less motivated or confident than you are. It would further increase your confidence to know that you are there to help.

Being fearless in a fearful world

We live in a fear-ridden environment. And you can be attacked by emotions or feelings of fear. The fear of losing is forever hanging over our heads or lurking in the shadows of our minds.

Fear of losing our money, our jobs, and especially our loved ones. Fearing snakes, dogs, dragons. Fear of being robbed or attacked by street gangs. Fear of violence or death.

Watch these YouTube NDE videos, your fear of death could diminish by 90%, if not 100%. I look forward to it when my time is over – crossing over to the 5th dimension as all of us will one moment in time. Here are some powerful testimonials of some NearDeathExperiences:


Final thoughts

Our raison d’être on Earth: living without fear. Separations and divisions make people fearful of one another. Only unity can bring a positive existence.

If we practice the concept of duality: the Ying and Yang, male and female (not male or female), we would become whole and feel confident with people and animals alike.

When a reporter asked Nicole Viloteau why she was not afraid of those deadly dragons of Komodo, she replied: I’m one with them! She was able to enter their nest! To caress them and feel like they have been her buddies all their lives. Watch her YouTube videos or read her best-selling book.

She is a woman who embraces life and lives an exciting adventure with animals, while being confident with people around her throughout the world.

Please leave your comments. Or share this post. And I look forward to hearing about your adventures :).

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