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According to WHO, more than 300,000,000 people suffer from depression linked to all kinds of anxiety stress. On average, one person dies by suicide every 40 seconds somewhere in the world. But we have the tools to prevent this. Simple, unique, and powerful tools based on common sense, strategic reasoning, and refocus.

So let us begin.

Types of Negative Emotions

Firstly, we need to be familiar with the types of emotions triggered when under anxiety stress. It ranges from hopelessness to downright panic. Pressure, frustration, and even anger can be felt by those undergoing stressful and anxiety-ridden situations.

Can we cut off these emotions or feelings at will? Yes, we can pull the plug off the machine or switch off the connection. How? Refocus your attention on something else. You are downright angry or frustrated or anxious about your loved one not turning up for dinner. And suddenly there is a fire in the kitchen!

Immediately your attention and energy are now shifted to the fire in the kitchen. You are now directing your movements and motivation towards saving your home, and you couldn’t care a dime who is coming to dinner. Suddenly, you are no more anxious about your loved one not being on time.

Whenever anxiety stress knocks on your door, turn your head to the right and refocus on something around you for 30 seconds. Then think of all the possessions you have and what you can do with what you have. Example:

Look at your arms, legs, and feet. What can you do with those assets? List the things you have and what you can do with them. Just think! And you have immediately shifted away from your anxiety and stress. You will feel grateful you still have arms, legs, and feet to walk and run. Some people don’t.

You can appreciate other things you possess and move away from the anxious emotions you felt a minute ago!

Identify the Root Causes


Why are people anxious? It is often about the fear of losing something! Money, someone you love, your job position, of not being liked or respected. Some of these root causes stem from childhood experience. Your younger brother or sister had more attention from your dad. You may be anxious that he would love them more than you.

You are fearful of not being loved or liked. Worry about what others would think of you. Or about failing to succeed at work. These are subconscious thoughts that can trigger negative emotions. Many of these thoughts are deeply rooted in how you and others perceive you. And it could dramatically affect one’s self-esteem.

These thoughts affect you psychologically and physically. You may even neglect yourself if you think no one thinks positively of you. Why should you care how you look if people are not interested?

We observed that those with higher self-esteem suffer less from self-deprecating or destructive thoughts. They enjoy life better than most. Have the right mindset instead of one that is neurotic and filled with anxiety and stressful thoughts.

Questions About Their Validity

Thoughts with biased assumptions need to be validated. Not being invited to a party does not mean that you are not welcomed or are disliked by the host. Or that you are on the list of persona-non-grata. Other factors could be at play that you were unaware of during the moment.

It does not mean you are not capable or less valued by your company. Other factors such as cost-cutting measures by management could be the reason for your dismissal.

Shifting our perceptions to discover why things happen the way they do will help us understand and deal with the current reality. Not being able to stop anxiety could result in the loss of valuable time and energy. Worst, we are counter-productive and miss out on great opportunities lying ahead of us.

Think about that: How many people are committing Hara-Kiri every day and still wondering why they are not moving forward? Or pollute their environment with negative vibrations?

Stress can also lower our immune system and make us weak and prone to sickness. So beware of these dangers that may afflict us in the long term.

Enacting CounterMeasures

Time to start enacting countermeasures to stop thoughts from sucking the life out of us. We need to understand that we do not have to be liked or respected by anyone! As long as you feel good about yourself, stress and anxiety will be a thing of the past. We can now feel good today, tomorrow, and forever!

Knowing that we are all born unique will be a huge relief on our backs. The burden of having to prove to ourselves or others will be gone forever. Buried are all the fears and stress accumulated through the years.

You can also join us in celebrating this moment of true freedom found nowhere else but in your brain. You can now enjoy life as first-class global citizens. Smiling to whichever journey you are on.

Tell them that you are no longer helpless – that you have discovered your true life objective – which is to feel good! You are no longer taking the finger for the moon. You are not obsessed with money or success, power or control, and that is good you are suffering less from anxiety stress.

You do not want to be like them. That does not mean that you do not appreciate having money to spend on all the good things life has to offer. But you are no longer stressed or anxious about the numbers game played by some to prove that they have more than others and to keep up with the Joneses.


We can control our feelings, emotions and add to a healthy, positive environment.

No more worries now. Share this newfound freedom with your kids, your friends, colleagues, and the world. Walk your talk, show the world that you can stop anxiety and stress – today, tomorrow, and forever. And pat yourself on the back! Cheers to all fellow VIPs!

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