What are some negative emotions? – Find out!

Listed on the John Hopkins Medicine’s home page are examples of these emotions: Anger, Emptiness, Frustration, Inadequacy, Helplessness, Fear, Guilt, Loneliness, Depression, Overwhelmed, Resentment, Failure, Sadness, Jealousy.

We will show you how some emotions can be handled by simply understanding the root causes. If you have any negative emotions or feelings following you 24/7, it is time to stop them draining your time and energy and making you feel bad.

Our studies, research, and over 40 years’ observation show that these negative emotions can be stopped with a snap of the fingers – once we know where these negative emotions originate. Hence, even a 7-year-old child can do this. Our work has shown that if any child is in distress, they can instantly change perception and feel good again.


Disappointment and Frustration

How many of you have been disappointed lately? Did you know that when this negative emotion lasts too long, it could trigger other negative emotions?

Sometimes it may turn into violence. Men are more likely to beat their wives when their favorite football team loses, new research shows.

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health analyzed 900 regular-season games between 1995 and 2006. They found a sickening ten percent rise in domestic violence, reports police in areas where teams lost unexpectedly.

So what are the series of subconscious thoughts responsible for this emotion to go haywire – or emotionally or mentally upset or out of control?

The thoughts are You want / You can’t / What’s going to happen? / You’re going to lose. Others like You’re not good enough / What are people going to think? These thoughts whack the victim’s lateral habenula (a small region of the brain scientists have dubbed ‘the disappointment center’).

There are many ways for disappointment to rear its ugly head. You are disappointed in your kid’s exam results. You are disappointed by a colleague’s behavior towards you.

Disappointment happens when our expectations and the outcome do not match. So be realistic when evaluating the results you expect of any situation.

Fear, Powerlessness, and Feelings of Inferiority

Fear is an all-powerful emotion. Irrational fear can also kill you. Here is the true story of a man locked in by error in a cold storage room. Believing himself to be a prisoner of the cold, this man instantly felt its deadly effects – he froze up and became paralyzed. During his agony, he managed to find enough strength to write his impressions on the wall with a piece of chalk.

When they found his body the next morning, it showed all the signs of a man frozen to death.

This tragic accident turned out to be extraordinary when they discovered that the electric generator of the storage room was out of order. Therefore, the man shouldn’t have died from cold. Yet, he killed himself through fear and by the sheer force of his conviction.

These emotions and feelings can also destroy you: powerlessness and feelings of inferiority. They stem from low self-esteem and erroneous perceptions of oneself.

Not for this 15-year-old boy who confronted a 6-foot tall neighborhood bully who brutally raped his beloved older sister. He was determined to show his power and feelings of superiority by confronting the bully with a small handgun in front of a large crowd – and videotaping the event.

He forced the bully to crawl nakedly on all fours to publicly apologize to his sister – or get shot in the groin to disable him from raping helpless women. How is that for justice!? One of the time-honored traditions: the groin shot. Also known as the low blow, cheap shot, sacking, bagging, prick kick, knob throb, and sack – described on a YouTube channel.

When one is motivated, one can crush all emotions of powerlessness and feelings of inadequacy. Hence, discover your motivation for living and act accordingly.

Jealousy, Resentment

Emotions triggered by jealousy and resentment are rampant. The majority of us still play society’s numbers game. The more you have indicates how important you are. That is why many people – and countries – have driven up their debt levels and wonder why they are stressed.

Jealousy makes you envious and resentful most of the time. That is not a way of life as it also triggers inadequacy. Understand that we do not need a thousand pairs of shoes to walk well. We can’t sleep on two beds or need to have a dozen cars to feel good. However, it does not stop you from owning a dozen cars in your garage if you are a collector or investor in vintage automobiles.

Jealousy and resentment can poison your relationship with others. Just enjoy and appreciate what you have and can do with what you have.

As the saying goes:

The richest man is not he who has the most, but he who needs the least. The poorest man is he who has the most but appreciates the least.

Failure, Depression, Anger, Hate

The emotions of failure or depression can be devastating to the soul. These emotions can also cause anger and hate directed towards the world.

Nothing works, so we get depressed because the success we seek in our lives has eluded us. Wow, what an error!

Firstly, understand we are not here to prove that we are successful beings. It is pure BS fed to us since the day we were born. Prove to your parents first that you can crawl from point A to B. Next, prove that you are good in school.

The brainwashing continues till you are stressed and burnout.

In reality, there is no success or failure. Each task or event is just an experience in life. You shouldn’t feel depressed or upset.

A cat who missed catching the mouse doesn’t go “Damn, missed it!”
Success and failure was just an experience till he gets fed.
If you followed that cat, success and failure to us humans would describe an experience in motion.


How do you overcome emotions that are not conducive to your feeling good? Identify the subconscious thoughts that are triggered. Note them down. Reason with these thoughts separately to disarm them.

Turn your head to the right and focus on the things surrounding you. Live here and now and relate to the reality before your eyes. Negative emotions exist only in the subconscious state. Not in the conscious state of the here and now.

Let me have your comments and please share your thoughts below. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed this post. Take care.

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