Self Motivation Tips – Find out!

The tips are only good when we apply them – after understanding why people are not self-motivated. There are various reasons. One of them is that they have no objectives in life. They are confused and do not know what they want. They are not encouraged enough by others. Possess low self-esteem or lack physical and mental energy.

However, anyone could be motivated when they find themselves in the right situation. But one can also create this “right” situation. Or life could also impose it on you. Imagine you got news of an unexpected inheritance from a rich uncle who recently passed away. Or you won the lottery. Suddenly your enthusiasm for life rockets to the sky. And so does your motivation to do things.

So, let us create this “right” situation from scratch.

Know YOUR passion and what YOU like

Your passion could serve as your motor. What is it that you loved doing in the past? Gardening, teaching, making cakes? Or hundreds of other activities that you are passionate about but never imagined you could develop into businesses.

Recall the things you love doing. Here’s an example of an employee who loves decorating her home with flowers. Her passion or hobby led her to the idea of sharing her talent with hotel and restaurant owners where she lived.

She then imagined being the head of a large decorating agency with services spread across the nation. She also thought that she would need to manage her time and energy well to succeed.

So she started implementing a 30/70 ratio to her time management. Meaning 30% of her waking hours would be focused on the imperatives. Things that required top priority were first on the list. The rest of the remaining 70% were either one or two-stars and not 3-stars.

3-stars were life and death matters she focused on for the day. Treating customers with attention and caring for their needs was one of them. Her husband and kids’ needs were also on her top priority list.

Dream big / start small. 1 step at a time!

The woman’s objective to head a decorating agency nationwide began by creating a blog and publishing pictures of her floral decorations.

Next, she contacted hotels and restaurant owners in her city to propose a free trial of her services. Many accepted. She also managed to secure a few yearly contracts in her first entrepreneurial debut.

She then created beacons to generate and help sustain her enthusiasm.

What are beacons? Beacons are simply options or ideas linked to your current or future projects. They provide you with a sense of direction and motivation for what you do. A ship trying to reach a port sometimes relies on floating yellow buoys in the sea to guide or warn them of dangers.

Your beacons can also help trigger enthusiasm and project hope for the future. A beacon could be an idea or imagination of any kind. Imagine you are heading a start-up making unique toy widgets for children.

Millions of people worldwide are creating their own beacons in the form of a lottery ticket!


Be confident in yourself and in others

The ability to self-motivate is an important skill, but we must also learn to be confident in ourselves and in others. Whatever you do you need to be confident in yourself and in others. One way is to apply the concept of weeweenoo*.

It means you are important as a human being and others too, are important. And you do not need to be liked by anyone. It sure makes self-motivation a lot easier with this mindset.

Self-motivation happens naturally when the environment is healthy and supportive. The saying that Birds of Same Feather Flock Together is true in this instance. Humans can have all colors, black, white, yellow, or brown on the outside – but are blood red on the inside (the color blood red is a dark shade of the color red meant to resemble the color of human blood. It is the iron in hemoglobin specifically that gives blood its red color). Hence, we too should flock together and support each other.


Visualization / Retrospection / Active Illusion

Now, project yourself 5 or 10 years forward. You are now sitting in your beautiful office. Retrospectively go backward to the day you first started your project. What was your first step?

Visualize what you did the first week: you gave birth to a thought or idea of doing something. This something was just an illusion. You made it into an active illusion and started doing things.

Imagine you had three stages to reach your objective where you are now. What happened in stage two of your journey. Visualize what you did and what you were experiencing. Of course, this retrospective imagination is just an illusion. So is everything else in life.

Thinking you can’t do it or you can, is an illusion. Mastering illusions enable you to fake it till you make it. All creators succeed through this technique. So can you. You begin your first step like a baby trying to walk. The toddler eventually started walking to the surprise of his applauding parents.

Thomas Edison faked it 10,000 times till he made it – and the light bulb was born. Many thought he was insane but in his mind, he sees the electric bulb nobody else saw.


We can all use the above tips and be self-motivated and achieve the goals we once thought impossible. That is why we did not even try. Deluded by our passive illusions that only other people can achieve them, not you or I.

Self-motivation is the reason why we do what we do. But if that reason is absent, nothing happens. We can rekindle the desires in us since the day we were born. We may not remember the first steps crawling towards mum, but the self-motivation thoughts were there. Standing up, and being able to be more independent in our movements, like others,

Important quote: “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” – Albert Einstein.

Please leave your feedback and comments below. And don’t hesitate to share these tips with others if you found them useful.

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